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On that same day, Combetta had a conference call with Mills and Kendall. 18–19.) In an early FBI interview on February 18, 2016 (FBI Clinton File, Part 3, pp.14–20), the recalcitrant Combetta lied to the agents, falsely telling them he did not recall deleting the emails.Back in November, we catalogued the stark contrasts between Mueller’s brand of hardball and the kid-gloves treatment given to subjects of the Clinton-emails investigation.The most significant of these involved the attorney–client privilege.

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When the defense says, “attorney–client privilege,” Mueller responds, “Tell it to the judge.” They lose, as he knew they would; then he marches the lawyer in to the grand jury, gets the testimony, and indicts the clients. I’m thinking it’s a good time for the Justice Department, under new management (the Trump-appointed management that hired Mueller), to show Paul Combetta how it works. The House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi jihadist attack immediately issued letters directing that the emails be preserved, along with a subpoena for them. Throughout March 2015, he communicated several times with Mrs.The Trump Justice Department should appoint a solid United States attorney and some hard-nosed FBI agents from outside Washington, and instruct them to follow Mueller’s aggressive model in investigating Combetta. First, the Justice Department’s immunity practice is designed, for obvious reasons, to prevent just this kind of gamesmanship.